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American Journal of Clinical Pathology

Manuscript format and structure/style

Manuscripts must be submitted in a Word document and formatted in American Medical Associates (AMA) style.
Title Page
(1) a concise title;
(2) first name, middle initial, and last name of each author, as well as his or her highest academic degree;
(3) institutional affiliation of each author;
(4) name and address of author to whom reprint requests should be addressed;
(5) telephone, fax, and e-mail information;
(6) acknowledgment of sources of support;
(7) a brief title (up to 40 characters total, including spaces);
(8) disclaimers, if any; and
(9) 3-10 key words
Note: AJCP does not include footnotes denoting shared author primacy or designations of specific roles for authors. Include as authors only those persons who contributed in some significant way to the manuscript.