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Authorea and BioRxiv partner to bring preprints into 21st century

The arXiv of the future will not look like the arXiv

From Collaborative Authoring to Collaborative Reviewing

The Society for Neuroscience & Authorea Partner for One-Click Submissions

The Preprint Citation Bump     

Why the ArXiv of the future will look like Authorea

Three Scientific Papers With Pets as Authors 🐾 

Opening Citations to Open Research

Authorea Researcher Spotlight - Dr. Joe Bathelt

Rockefeller University Press & Authorea Make Collaboration and Submission Easier For Authors Through Partnership

American Geophysical Union and Authorea Partner to Offer One-Click Submission of Manuscripts

The Authorea Open Product Roadmap 🗓

Introducing the 21st-century preprint: HTML, versioned, citable, data-rich.

A New Version Control System for Research Writing 

Without Data, Are We Just Telling Nice Stories?

The Fitbit of Research Writing    

eLife and Authorea Partner to Simplify Submission For Authors

Sample of Science and Authorea Partner for Better Writing Experience

Introducing the Editor of the Future

Authorea: accelerating discovery through online collaboration

Authorea Researcher Spotlight: Achintya Rao

Introducing Our New Editor

The death of the term paper, the rise of students as authors.

Authorea Acquires Scientific Publisher The Winnower

What might peer review look like in 2030? Find out at SpotOn16.

Creating a domino effect: what can we all do, however small, to make research more open and reproducible?

Open Sourcing Our Exporter

Essay Contest: How has social media enhanced your research? 

The Value of Ignorance in Science 

Reinventing Peer Review

Publish and Prosper: Reddit AMA with Authorea Co-Founder and CEO, Alberto Pepe

Do the right thing: 11 Courageous Retractions

6 Publisher Policies Antithetical to Research

65 out of the 100 most cited papers are paywalled.      

Paywalling the laws of the universe.

Sweet, Sweet Irony: 7 Papers That Should be Open Access But Aren't 

10 Famous Articles Still Behind a Paywall

Interactive and discoverable preprints

9th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival x Authorea

Research Olympics

8,249 more reasons to use Authorea

Open Science Meetup with Stuart Firestein

Academics Turned Founders: Andrew Preston, Publons

The Ingelfinger to Open Science

Making data a first-class citizen in research

What's Open Access Good For? Absolutely everything!

Scholarly Publishing: Unnecessarily Slow in the Modern Era.

What Really Happened: Fleming's Penicillin Discovery

What Really Happened: Darwin's Finches

Dear Social Media, Get DNA Chirality *Right*

What Really Happened: Benjamin Franklin's Kite Experiment

All great truths begin as blasphemies: In Defense of "Silly" Research

The Decline of Accuracy in Science Communication: Who is to Blame?

Authorea User Spotlight: Jenna Morgan Lang

Nope! 8 Rejected Papers That Won the Nobel Prize

Interdisciplinarity: Working Together Takes Work      

Top 3 Social Media Tools Every Researcher & Scholar Needs

July 8th: This Week in Science

Data Visualization: Use Color to Communicate Data

Data Visualization: Create Powerful Infographics

7 Crazy Things You Didn't Know About DNA

Secure Research Funding With Visuals

Essay Contest: How has social media enhanced your research? 

Authorea Spotlight: Viputheshwar Sitaraman (Draw Science)

Data Visualization: Tools for Creating Infographics

When the Obstacle is the Course: Job Security in Academia

Data Visualization: Intro to Infographics

Authorea Partners with Italian Doctoral Association

Authorea Joins Microsoft 365 Education Solutions

MathML on the Web -- Please!

NY Open Science Meetup with Brian Nosek

Authorea User Spotlight - Casey Law

Gravitational Waves and the Death of the PDF

How is Authorea different from ShareLaTeX and Overleaf?

How many scholarly articles are written in LaTeX?      

Export This!      

Open Science Meetup on April 1 with computational biologist Holly Bik

How might libraries serve 21st century information needs? Authorea's proposal.

From Einstein to LIGO: 100 years of Science

Authorea goes to Paris

Introducing real time chat for user support 

The Surfer's Guide to Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves: The First Swell!

Authorea Raises a new round of funding to Advance Open, Reproducible, Data-Driven Research

Collaborative blogging with Authorea

Concinnitas: The Art of the Equation

Library of Words

Physicists can code

Measuring Open Science

Authorea on Xconomy

Hello, moon

How to import documents from arXiv, Overleaf, and ShareLaTeX

The Science of Tornadoes

Authorea demos new Rich Text editor at the NY Tech Meetup

A Tufte-styled scientific article.

A Moral Imperative: Open Science in the Ebola Crisis

Authorea Newsletter - July 2015: Full LaTeX, Templates, and Ebola on Authorea

New York Open Science Meetup: Are we alone in the Universe?

Public-Friendly Open Science

Understanding a Dataset:

A “Modern Scientist” Manifesto

Sharing and Caring. In the Open.

Open Science Takes Major Leap Forward: Authorea Releases Unprecedented Details of Ebola Study.

From academia to founding a startup: five tips.

The statistical likelihood of Steph Curry's ridiculous shooting streak

Live Mathematics on Authorea
A Case for Transparency in Science

How To Write Advanced LaTeX (LaTeX for Power Users)

How To Create Complex Data Tables (Advanced)

Deluxe Tables with Authorea

Interactive Drake Equation

Are we alone in the Universe?

Are we alone in the Universe? The Fermi Paradox

Are we alone in the Universe?
The emergence of life

Academia: a view from the bottom

Why should I use Authorea to write my paper?

High Impact Research
in Lower Impact Packages

Are we alone in the Universe?
The Drake Equation

Disseminate Better

Working on a Ph.D.?
There may not be an academic job for you at the end of the tunnel.

Lessons on Sharing from Bacteria

Esther Lederberg:
_Techniques and Tools Spanning Generations

Open Peer Review with Authorea

Authorea launches Open Science Meetup in New York City

Authorea launches new line of perfumes for scientists

A Git History and Philosophy of Science

Peer/Pure Fabrication
_what can the academic community do to combat misconduct in peer review?

Paracelsus: Prince of Physicians, King of Chemists
_Original Rockstar of Science

An Arctic Journey: Chasing the Solar Eclipse

Want to get tenure? Stay away from interdisciplinary research.

LaTeX is Dead (long live LaTeX)
Typesetting in the Digital Age

Open Review on an ApJ-submitted Pre publication

The Uncomfortable Calculations of Publisher-Library Relations

SOLVE, four days that could change the world

Authorea's APS Travel Grant Winners

Joys of Pi:
A test server and monitor host for the startup developer

Authorea at SxSW 2015

How To Import EndNote

How To Import Mendeley References into Authorea documents

How To Import Zotero references to Authorea

Authorea Australia Tour 2015

Authorea sponsors student travel grants for APS conferences

Authorea HQ moves to Gramercy Park area, NYC.

Authorea launches #institutions

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Bill Gates on the Future Wall-Free College in Your Pocket
_no books or 8am class,
just learning

A Gender Problem?
In Academia?

Are we alone in the Universe?
Habitable planets

ASU and the New American University

Racist Polio Vaccines and Scientific Credit

Interview: Long-time LaTeX User

Network models to evaluate reproducibility in biomedical research
_or, The Future of Science

What are people saying about Authorea?

Mysterious Particle Discovered

Invite Authorea to Your Campus

EU's Breakthrough in Clinical Trial Transparency

How Can Authorea Help University Students and Professors Writing and Reviewing Papers?

First evidence of Quantum Gravity? Ask the dust

Authorea raises a seed round of investment.

The Fork Factor: an academic impact factor based on reuse.

Authorea awarded with the Digital Science Catalyst Grant

Science was always meant to be open

How is Authorea different from Google Docs?

Goodbye academia? Hello, academia.

LaTeX was not built for the web

Research collaboration in the Cloud: Plotly and Authorea

Example Article: Geoscientific Visualization in Authorea with iPython Notebooks

Linking Visualization and Understanding in Astronomy

Data-driven, interactive science, with d3.js plots and IPython Notebooks

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