Authorea is free for reading and writing open-access articles

You can use Authorea for free for as long as you want, with unlimited public articles and collaborators.

Individual Plans

Individual plans let you host private documents.
All Individual plans come with unlimited collaborators & unlimited public documents
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Organization plans

A private Authorea workspace for you and your colleagues

Fully Featured Writing, Editing, and Publishing Environment with Unlimited Private Articles

Each licensed user is granted full access to the Authorea platform with unlimited private articles. This includes the complete writing, editing and publishing environment with scientific integrations, instant citation/bibliography creation, version control access, Git access, one-click publishing to 100+ journal formats, and much more.

Personalized Platform

Give your pages a personalized look and feel, integrating the look of the Authorea platform with your preferred branding and/or logos.

Organization Dashboard

Authorea provides metrics and analytics with information across the organization on users, active documents, and submissions. Additionally, view bibliometric data on documents across the organization.

Administrative Controls

Add or remove users and track changes across the platform, managing sub-groups, groups, or departments. Also allows monitoring of affiliated users and permissions controls.

Priority Support

The Authorea team will set up a priority support channel so that questions from your students, faculty and staff get answered first.

Up to 50 users

Perfect for research groups, labs, and small centers

$50 per user
per year

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Over 50 users

Cloud and hosted solutions for organizations and enterprises

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Common questions about individual plans.

What is the difference between a private article and a public article?

A private article is visible only to you and your collaborators. A public article is visible to anyone who has the link to it, anyone who visits your Authorea profile page, and it appears on the Articles page.

How is the number of private articles calculated? What happens if I add a collaborator to a private article?

Only the owner of an article (the first author) can ever be charged for making an article private. You can add as many collaborators as you like to an article you own. If you make it private, it will affect only your private article quota, not theirs.

Can I delete a private article I own (or make it public) and free up one private article slot?


I am a student and I need to write some private documents but I can't afford a Premium account.

We hear you. The last thing we want is pricing to be a barrier for using Authorea. There are a couple of options. If you invite 3 friends to Authorea, you get 1 extra private article (look for the connections sidebar in your homepage). If you then invite another 10, you get 1 more private article. So, that's 3 free private articles, which is not bad. Another option is to ask your librarian or the IT folks for an Authorea software license. If they say no, let us know at and we'll help you out.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes. Every Annual Plan comes with a 1-month free trial. You do not get charged for the first 30 days and can cancel your subscription without being charged.

Can I cancel my Premium subscription after I sign up?

Yes, absolutely, and it is really easy. You can do it from your account settings.

More questions? Drop us a line at