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Authorea is the collaborative editor for research.
Write and manage your documents in one place, for free.

A new way to read, write, publish, and interact with scientific content.

Write your articles in the browser. Got equations, data tables, figures, references? Bring 'em on! Write LaTeX or Markdown notation and render it into HTML5


Easily create text, equations, data and figures and turn your documents into beautiful web pages and manuscripts.

Many collaborators? We've got you covered. Lock text blocks while you are working on them. And keep track of who is working on the others.


Work on documents together in real time. Lock parts you are working on, and keep track of the rest.

Cite articles. The easy way. Just search by author, title, and keywords. Or look them up by DOI. We'll take care of the rest (we'll build the citation and your bibliography).


Search papers by author, title, keyword, or DOI. Authorea creates the bibliography for you.

Made a mistake a while back? Undo it and keep writing. We got version control to let you easily keep track of all the changes made by you and your collaborators.


Make your documents alive with interactive, data-driven visualizations.

Discuss your articles with your coauthors using private commenting and annotation and allow open review of your articles via public comments.


Discuss your work with coauthors and allow others to add public comments and annotations.

Submitting your Authorea article to Science, Nature, PNAS, APJ, or PLoS One? Export it to your journal template of choice in one click.


Submitting your Authorea article to a journal or conference? Create a professional typeset document in just one click.

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Majdid Bessoul Writing research papers has just gone sexy!

Majdid Bessoul | Master's student, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Nick Crawford I love Git and this seems like the closest thing to version controlled paper editing I could ever get my advisor to sign up for.

Nick Crawford | Postdoc, California Academy of Sciences

Chris Erdmann Authorea is an innovative authoring solution that is revolutionizing how authors collaborate, share and write scientific works. Our Library is happy to sponsor such a helpful solution for the community.

Chris Erdmann | Head Librarian, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Alex Wagner After a quick test with Authorea, I have been won over other tools because Authorea puts emphasis on collaboration and structured, visual editing.

Alex Wagner | Postdoc, Tsukuba University


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