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Securely host all your data in one place and link it to your publications.
Publish your work (original research, blog post, how-to's, essays, etc.) as a preprint or as a final version of record.

Our team

We're a small but ambitious group trying to accelerate the research cycle.


David Banys, Business Development

David is responsible for leading Business Development at Authorea. He was previously with a startup that built the world's most energy-efficient supercomputing and cloud computing clusters. David studied at Middlebury College, Harvard University, and University of Havana, Cuba. He is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and lives in Brooklyn.


Matteo Cantiello, Chief Scientist

Matteo is an Associate Specialist in Astrophysics at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, located at the University of California Santa Barbara. He obtained his Ph.D. in Astrophysics at the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Matteo has published more than 50 astrophysics articles in top scientific journals, and has obtained more than 1900 citations. Matteo was born and raised among gentle tuscan hills in Italy.


Lucy Chen, Head of Digital

Lucy was behind many NYC startups designing marketing strategy and building online communities. She graduated from NYU Stern, enjoys biking along the Hudson River, and scoping the food scene.


Adyam Ghebre, Outreach

Adyam previously worked in investment sales for one of the world's largest financial service corporations and she started her own swimwear business. She likes challenges. She is Canadian.


Gibran Garcia, Web Developer

Gibran enhances Authorea every day by implementing functional features to improve the user experience. He is passionate about blending art and programming in his projects and likes to skate, draw, and photograph in his free time. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico.


Deyan Ginev, Head Engineer

Deyan breathes science. Academically, his Ph.D. research exposes the natural language semantics of mathematical documents to computational agents. Professionally, he is on the front lines of building the next generation of scientific publishing tools.


Nathan Jenkins, Chief Technical and Co-founder

Nate holds a Ph.D. in Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland and a BA in Physics, University of California, Berkeley, USA.


Josh Nicholson, Chief Research Officer

Josh Nicholson received his Ph.D. in 2015 from Virginia Tech studying how aneuploidy affects chromosome segregation in cancer cells. He founded the Winnower, an open publishing platform for researchers in 2014 in an effort to improve how research is published and joined Authorea when the two companies merged in 2016. He is the grandson of the late UC Berkeley Professor Richard Strohman who taught him "science is for the surprises, not the prizes." He hopes to help researchers find their surprise at Authorea. In his spare time you can find him walking our chief dog officer, Pete (pictured).


Alberto Pepe, Chief Executive and Co-founder

Alberto is a “recovering academic” with previous Ph.D. and Postdoc work in Astrophysics and Information Science. He holds degrees and fellowships from Harvard, UCLA, CERN, and University College London. He was born and raised in the wine-making town of Manduria, in Puglia, Southern Italy.


Alan Rice, Web Developer

Alan is a multi-disciplinary developer who holds a music performance degree from NYU. He studied web development at General Assembly and was previously at Oak Studios. At Authorea, he uses the latest front-end tools to bring scientific publishing into the 21st century.


Neves Purificaçao Rodrigues, Product Design

Neves Purificaçao Rodrigues is a design engineer. Currently a product designer (web applications), his work over the past 10 years has spanned design thinking, user experience design, digital strategy, data tools, user research and flows, interaction design, search logic/modeling, product conception, and information architecture. He has been deeply involved in design and solution of various system problems in multiple industry verticals. Neves graduated with M.Des in Visual Communication and Product Design from IIT Kanpur, M.F.A. in Graphic Design from SCAD, and B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Goa Engineering College.

Associates and Interns

  • Eliza Bruce
  • Amelia Chen
  • Camillo Frigeni
  • Neel Kapse
  • Milo Mordaunt
  • Karolina Mosiadz

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Holly Bik, Ph.D.
    UC Riverside

  • Prof. Christine Borgman

  • Merce Crosas, Ph.D.
    Harvard University

  • Prof. Alyssa Goodman
    Harvard University

  • Josh Greenberg, Ph.D.
    Sloan Foundation

  • Prof. Victoria Stodden

  • John Wilbanks, Ph.D.
    Sage Bionetworks

Board of Directors

  • Sam Arbesman, Ph.D.
    Board Observer

  • Adam Goulburn, Ph.D.
    Board Director

  • David Teten
    Board Director



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