Scientific collaboration in the era of COVID-19
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Notes on Mixing Length Theory
Matteo Cantiello and Yan-Fei Jiang
The Surfer's Guide to Gravitational Waves
Matteo Cantiello
Moonlight Shadow
Matteo Cantiello
Angular momentum transport within evolved low-mass stars
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The arXiv of the future will not look like the arXiv
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A prevalence of dynamo-generated magnetic fields in the cores of intermediate-mass st...
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How To Write Mathematical Equations, Expressions, and Symbols with LaTeX: A cheatshee...
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Asteroseismology Can Reveal Strong Internal Magnetic Fields in Red Giant Stars
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Public-Friendly Open Science
Matteo Cantiello
The spin rate of pre-collapse stellar cores: wave driven angular momentum transport i...
Jim Fuller, Matteo Cantiello, Daniel Lecoanet, et al.
Unbelievable Power: The Physics of Nuclear Blast Waves
Matteo Cantiello