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Society and possible  transformative influence of the politicization of the intelligence system      
  • Dora Gelo Čolić
Dora Gelo Čolić

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The targets of hostile actions towards specific society may be: knowledge, national identity, social and political structure, critical infrastructure and defense and security sector, etc. and it is expected that the range of targets will expand in the future and that the number of possible targets is open and infinite, that is, it is incomprehensibly broad. In this sense, the analysis will be limited to only a few targets whose mutual relations will be simulated in the context of content and scope. Their relation to the politicization of the intelligence system will also be examined as well as politicization itself through the available literature review Emphasis is given to the potential scenarios resulting from the hostile action, as well as to the possible moments when they could be prevented with the minimal damage to the protected society. For the purpose of this paper, in order to research potential models, decision-making system has been analysed and distinction is made between regular and irregular politicization of the process.