Collaborative blogging with Authorea

We built Authorea to empower researchers, scientists, students with a tool that would make the writing of scholarly papers more fun and more collaborative. Some scholars we talked to over the past few months have expressed interest in using Authorea to write blog posts and other short pieces in addition to scholarly papers. They told us that they need a tool where they can quickly jot down and publish short posts that are technical and/or scholarly in nature.

Today, we announce the launch of Authorea for Blogging. Authorea can now be used to write and host collaborative blog posts. We just migrated our own blog to the new blogging platform and every Authorea user gets a personal blog (just add "/blog" in the URL of your home address).

How is Authorea different from other blogging platforms?

  1. Authorea is collaborative. Yes, a collaborative blogging platform. It lets many bloggers work on the same (collaborative) blog post.
  2. Authorea does citations the easy way. Authorea is a great solution if your blog posts contain citations and references to scholarly sources as it allows you to quickly search, insert and format citations, like this one (Wright-Porto 2011)
  3. Authorea lets you write math. No matter how complex your equation is, Authorea lets you write it \(Au=\int\alpha\mu th\theta\cdot\frac{r^e}{a}\)

How can you start using Authorea to blog?

  1. Start a new document and write your blog post.
  2. When you're done writing and are ready to post it, tag it as "BLOG" from your homepage (look for the tag icon next to the document title). 
  3. Visit your blog homepage (click on the created "BLOG" tag or add "/blog" to your home URL). For example, my own is at
  4. Enjoy!


  1. Heather Wright-Porto. Blogging Tips. 291–298 In Creative Blogging. Springer Science \(\mathplus\) Business Media, 2011. Link

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