A tool to write, discuss, and teach academic content.

Authorea is the collaborative tool for writing, discussing and teaching research. Recommend Authorea to your students, faculty, researchers and educators to boost their productivy and scholarly impact.

What your authors get


Work with other people, at the same time

You and your co-authors all edit parts of the same document at once. There are no conflicts and changes are tracked automatically.

One-click Citations

A simple search and you're one click away from citing a paper. Formatting of citations and references is handled for you.



One click export

Authorea automatically formats your document (margins, references, figures) in the correct style. Choose from over 90 publishers, journals, and conferences.


For feedback and discussion, use the comments. They are useful to discuss edits privately with your coauthors as well as to collect public feedback and reviews on your work.



All the tools you need, in one place.

Authorea connects to all the tools you use for doing and writing research. From Github and Jupyter, to Endnote and Zotero. We got you covered.

What you get

Personalized Platform

Give your institution page a personalized look and feel, integrating the look of the Authorea platform with your preferred branding and/or logos.

Group Dashboard

Authorea provides metrics and analytics with information across the group on users, active documents, and submissions. Additionally, view bibliometric data on documents across the group.

Administrative Controls

Add or remove users and track changes across the platform, managing sub-groups, groups, or departments. Also allows monitoring of affiliated users and permissions controls.

Sign-on Integration

If your organization uses an OAuth compliant (or similar) sign-on system, we will integrate Authorea with your internal user authentication system.

Priority Support

The Authorea team will set up a priority support channel so that questions from your students, faculty and staff get answered first.

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What they are saying

Chris Erdmann Authorea is an innovative authoring solution that is revolutionizing how authors collaborate, share and write scientific works. Our Library is happy to sponsor such a helpful solution for the community.

Chris Erdmann | Head Librarian, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Alex Wagner After a quick test with Authorea, I have been won over other tools because Authorea puts emphasis on collaboration and structured, visual editing.

Alex Wagner | Postdoc, Tsukuba University

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