How is Authorea better than Word or Google Docs?

Are you comparing Google Docs vs Word vs Authorea?

Choosing the right word processor for your documents is very important. While Google Docs and Authorea are similar in some ways, Google Docs is a great tool for writing general purpose drafts whereas Authorea is more appropriate if you are writing a scholarly manuscript, a student essay, a math heavy manuscript, a technical blog post, or a data-driven document. We listed here a few key comparison points that show how Google Docs and Word are different from Authorea.

1. Bibliographic management

Whether you are citing a paper on the flying ice cube \cite{Harvey_1998} or a paper by \citet{28069665}, Authorea lets you easily add citations to bibliographic references in a couple of clicks. The citation manager lets you search millions of scholarly papers and you can add them and format them quickly. A bibliography, listing all references at the end of the document, is built automagically for you.