How is Authorea better than Word and Google Docs?

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Authorea is an online collaborative editor that helps you create beautiful documents and research papers with coauthors. Here’s a few features that you won’t find in a .docx or GDoc:

Collaborate: You can start writing from scratch in Authorea or upload an existing document and share it with collaborators. You can all work on it at the same time and version control will prevent you from overwriting each other’s work. And no more emailing different versions of documents around.

Comment and discuss: The comment feature is useful to discuss edits inline privately with your coauthors as well as to collect public feedback and reviews on your work.

Add equations, interactive figures, data and files with ease: Our rich equation editor lets you write complex formulas directly in your Authorea document. Embed interactive, dynamic, data-driven figures directly into your articles, along with iPython notebooks and other data sources.

Citations in seconds: Search papers on PubMed and CrossRef by author, title, keyword, or DOI. Authorea will automatically create the citation and bibliography for you.

LaTeX made easy and shareable: Authorea compiles LaTeX to HTML so that every article you write becomes a webpage - one you can privately share with your colleagues to receive comments and feedback. More information here.

Publish your work, beautifully: Submitting your Authorea article to a journal or conference? Choose from hundreds of journal templates and format it with one click.

Once you start working in Authorea, you’ll see these advantages and more. Click here to see the Authorea vs. Google Docs showdown.

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