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An open Platform for High-resolution Light-based Control of Microscopic Collectives
  • Ana Rubio Denniss,
  • Thomas E. Gorochowski,
  • Sabine Hauert
Ana Rubio Denniss

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Thomas E. Gorochowski
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Sabine Hauert
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Engineering microscopic collectives of cells or microrobots is challenging due to the often-limited capabilities of the individual agents, our inability to reliably program their motion and local interactions, and difficulties visualising their behaviours. Here, we present a low-cost, modular and open-source Dynamic Optical MicroEnvironment (DOME) and demonstrate its ability to augment microagent capabilities and control collective behaviours using light. The DOME offers an accessible means to study complex multicellular phenomena and implement de-novo microswarms with desired functionalities.
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10 Jan 2022Submitted to AISY Interactive Papers
10 Jan 2022Published in AISY Interactive Papers