CONCEPTSTEMpreneurship is a three-phased STEM program that introduces students to basic STEM concepts through assembling STEM kits, then coming up with their own conceptual design through the engineering design process, then lastly exposure to entrepreneurship and teaching them how to enter their product design into the business marketplace. The culmination of STEMpreneurship is the "Shark Tank-like" competition where the students present their product design to would-be investors attempting to obtain funding for their design.Discalimer: This program can be lengthen and modified into a 6,8, or 12 week program.OVERALL PROGRAM OBJECTIVESStudents will learn the following science concepts by assembling STEM kits:Basic electric circuits;Solar Energy;Air propulsion;Structures; andWind Energy.Students will learn to design their own product through the engineering design process;Students will learn basic entrepreneurship and business skills;Students will use mathematics to develop their investor pitch to would-be investors;Students will learn to use technology to develop their product design and presentation;Students  will learn to collaborate in a team environment to develop the presentations to would-be investors.Students will learn to connect STEM concepts to real-world applications.LESSON 1: STEM CONCEPTSSuggested Time: 55 Minutes (Per STEM Kit)OVERVIEWStudents will learn various STEM concepts such as electric circuits, solar energy, air propulsion, structures, and wind energy by assembling STEM kits provided by AcaSTEMics, LLC. Each session is for one STEM kit. The following STEM kits correspond to the following STEM concept:1. Basic electric circuits - Table Top Lamp2. Solar Energy - Solar Fan3. Air Propulsion - Twin Engine Electric Plane4. Structures - Marshmallow Building5. Wind Energy - Wind TurbineThe LessonPART 1: STEM KIT ASSEMBLY (40 MINUTES, per kit)1. STEM Kits are distributed to the students.