August 23, 2023
Do pulse-disturbance outcomes match up to microhabitats?
Meredith Root-Bernstein
February 08, 2021
Disturbance and the (surprising?) role of ecosystem engineering in explaining spatial...
Meredith Root-Bernstein, Cesar Muñoz, Juan Armesto, et al.
April 22, 2021
Reply to Betts et al. “When are hypotheses useful in ecology and conservation?”
Meredith Root-Bernstein
May 03, 2021
History of canids in Chile and impacts on prey adaptations
Benjamín Silva and Meredith Root-Bernstein
January 21, 2021
Silvopastoralism, local ecological knowledge and forest trajectories in a Category V-...
Meredith Root-Bernstein, Berta Holgado Vargas, Arthur Bondoux, et al.