emrullah durmus

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Aim: We aimed to present the patients who had COVID-19 infiltrations incidentally detected in the lung basal sections in patients with abdomen CT due to flank pain in the urology outpatient clinic during the pandemic process. Methods: A total of 276 patients admitted to the Siirt Training and Research Hospital Urology outpatient clinic between March 15, 2020, and August 09, 2020, with a complaint of flank pain and underwent non-contrast abdomen CT were analyzed from this data retrospectively. A total of 10 patients with Covid-19 compatible findings in CT were determined as the study group. A control group was formed from 10 patients with only urological pathologies (kidney stones, ureteral stones, hydronephrosis … etc) without Covid-19 compatible appearance on CT. Results: Ten (3.6%) patients with COVID-19 disease pneumonic infiltrations were detected in the lung basal regions entering the abdomen CT cross-section. The visual analog scale (VAS) score was higher in the control group, who had urological pathology and did not have Covid-19 findings in the lung bases in abdominal CT, and it was statistically significant. During the admission to the urology outpatient clinic, there were no signs of COVID-19 disease such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Conclusion: If the severity of pain is not very high in patients who apply to urology outpatient clinics with flank pain during the pandemic period, and if no urological pathology is observed in the Abdomen CT, Covid-19 should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis.