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Some Thoughts on the Fermi Paradox and Extensions to the Kardashev Scale in Relation to Theology            
  • David O. F. Skibinski
David O. F. Skibinski
Swansea University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The Fermi paradox concerns the possible existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. The Kardashev scale envisages advanced civilizations that may control and consume energy up to a galactic scale. Postulated extensions of the scale consider advanced entities that are powerful enough to create new universes. In an eternal existence of multiple universes, the emergence of such an entity may be inevitable. Such an advanced entity could perhaps be of sufficient greatness to be God. The scientific and theological feasibility of this idea of God is discussed. A possible advantage of viewing God in this way is that the supernatural might be dispensed with. However, from the viewpoint of religious practice, it is not clear whether such a God would be acceptable to major religions.