Business Case for Pauline's Position

Introduction and Background

The purpose of this document is to write a business case for appointment of an Academic (Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor or above) following Pauline's retirement. In one of our recent Thursday meetings (18th September, 2014), Ann suggested that we start putting together the process of writing up a business case for the appointment of an academic after Pauline leaves. I acknowledge that any writing of a business case at this stage is based on incomplete information and therefore this document will be heavily edited and amended at various stages.

A Note about why I have used Authorea and not Word to Write this

I have included this section here to just introduce the concept of using a collaborative authoring environment entirely on the web that bypasses multiple word documents and such for writing collaboative texts, and also keeps documents safe from prying eyes. This document for instance is not hosted in UC's servers and although it is listed as public, we can convert it to private any time we want as this system allows for private and public documents to be hosted at the same time. Besides, if you work with this format of writing, you will see (hopefully) within a few minutes of working how easy and simple it is to weave ideas, figures, tables, and codes together. In the end, this format puts out a nicely formatted PDF document for publishing. We can also put out a word formatted document in the RTF format, but we may or may not want that