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Cartography And Geographic Information Science Template
  • Merve Keskin
Merve Keskin

Corresponding Author:merweee88@gmail.com

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Sketch maps are reflections cognitive maps and understanding how cognitive maps are formed is crucial for effective cartographic product design. Besides human perceptual, cognitive, and visual abilities, the retrieval of a spatial information is associated with map learning, therefore, it is important to study the differences between expert and novice map users. This paper intends to explore map users’ cognitive processes of learning, acquiring and remembering the information presented via screen maps. In this context, we conducted mixed methods user experiment employing digital sketch maps and eye tracking. On one hand, performances of participants were assessed based on drawing order and score on drawn elements on sketch maps. On the other hand, eye tracking statistics of experts and novices such as trial duration, the average duration of fixations, and number of fixations per seconds were compared. Results show that no significant difference emerged between experts and novices, as well as between female and male, for the retrieval of spatial information presented on 2D maps with a simple design and content.