Rotation in massive stars:
Progenitors, Core Collapse and Compact Remnants


This collaborative document has been created for the panel discussion on “Rotation in massive stars” (FOE 2015). All conference participants have been added to the document and can edit / comment / add figures (just drag&drop) / references and even LaTeX equations if needed (check the help page for more infos on how to edit the document). Hopefully this will capture the essential ideas and interactions that will stem during and after the discussion. The document can be forked at any time, so that particular discussions can be taken further and potentially lead to active collaborations.

Main Topics

What determines the rotation rates of progenitor stars

  • Single star evolution (hydrodynamic instabilities/circulations, magnetic torques, internal gravity waves, mass loss, etc.)

  • Binary star evolution (mass accretion, tides, mergers, etc.)

How does rotation affect core collapse and the eventual SN/GRB explosion?

  • Typical core-collapse SNe

  • Central engines (GRBs, SLSNe)

How can rotation be inferred from compact remnants?

  • White Dwarfs

  • Pulsars

  • X-ray binaries

  • Black Holes