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HIV-ASSOCIATED TUBERCULOSIS Type of Publication: Case Report
  • Ashraf ALAkkad
Ashraf ALAkkad

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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A 22 year old adult male shifted from Congo 2 months ago presented to the Emergency Department with complaints of having a fever for the last three weeks. The fever was associated with chills and sweating, and occasional dizziness. Two weeks later, the man developed a cough, which was productive and caused him to develop shortness of breath with its onset. The patient's overall condition rendered him appetite less, with a poor-quality oral intake of food and fluids. His COVID19 PCR came out negative, and he had no contact with a positive patient.Further history revealed that the patient had developed Malaria a long time ago and was prophylactically treated for it. He is a non-smoker yet occasionally drinks alcohol. His chest x-ray revealed patchy consolidations in the middle and lower zones of the left lung, whereas the chest CT revealed mediastinal lymphadenopathy and air bronchograms. His sputum for AFB and Rapid