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Personalized medicine: the  future of Modern Medicine
  • Badhe Pravin,
  • Otari Kishor,
  • Badhe Ashwini
Badhe Pravin

Corresponding Author:swalifefoundation@gmail.com

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Otari Kishor
Badhe Ashwini


Medical care is no longer a one-size-fits-all endeavour. There is a problem with the traditional or present systems of medical care because they were developed and tested on large groups of people. Consequently, the prescriptions prescribed are not suitable for every person. A certain number of medicines work very well for some people and some do not. Modern medicine relies on scientific evidence, including clinical trials, which is termed evidence-Based Medicine. It is expected that in the future, treatment will be based on algorithms that will take the patient’s genetic, epigenetic, and lifestyle characteristics into account, resulting in personalized medication.The drugs that your doctor recommends for you will be determined by your genetics, lifestyle, and environment, along with your symptoms of illness. Modern medicine has enabled humans to live longer and healthier lives.Personalized medicine is the way of thinking about medicine in the modern era. We will examine how personalized medicine will change healthcare, how artificial intelligence and personalised medicine can be combined to improve healthcare, the role of personalized medicine in pharmaceuticals, its application, and its future trajectory.