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The effect of addition of high-melting monoacylglycerol and candelilla wax on pea and faba bean protein foam-templated oleogelation
  • Athira Mohan,
  • Michael Nickerson,
  • Supratim Ghosh
Athira Mohan
University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Michael Nickerson
USASK, Canada
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Supratim Ghosh
University of Saskatchewan
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Oleogels prepared from hydrocolloids have recently gained a lot of attention as an alternative for trans and saturated fats. Previously we have demonstrated that the freeze-dried foams prepared using a mixture of 5% faba bean or pea protein concentrates with 0.25% xanthan gum at pH 7 and 9 can hold canola oil 30-40 times their weights (Mohanan, Tang, Nickerson and Ghosh, 2020). However, the oleogels suffered from high oil loss, about 30% oil leaked, which negatively affected the rheological properties of the oleogels. The functionality of the cake baked using the oleogels was poorer compared to a shortening baked cake. The present study explored the addition of a small amount of high-melting monoacylglycerol (MAG) and candelilla wax (CW) on reducing oil loss, improving rheological properties and baking qualities of pulse protein-stabilized oleogels. Different concentrations (0.5-3%) of MAG or CW were dissolved in canola oil at 80 ºC. The hot oil was then added into the freeze-dried protein-polysaccharide foams (pH 7) and quickly transferred to a refrigerator. The crystallized additives reinforced the oleogel network, thereby reducing oil loss while increasing the firmness, cohesiveness, and storage modulus. When model cakes were baked with the oleogels, significant improvement in textural properties was observed with the addition of MAG in the foam-templated oleogels. However, in comparison with shortening-based cakes, oleogel-based cakes still showed a negative effect on hardness, chewiness and cohesiveness.
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