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High Intensity Ultrasound-Induced Crystallization of Mango Kernel Fat
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  • Sopark Sonwai,
  • Pimwalan Ornla-ied,
  • Silvana Martini,
  • Hironori Hondoh,
  • S. Ueno
Sopark Sonwai
Silpakorn University

Corresponding Author:ssonwai@gmail.com

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Pimwalan Ornla-ied
Silpakorn University
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Silvana Martini
Utah State University
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Hironori Hondoh
University of Shizuoka
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S. Ueno
Hiroshima University
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The crystallization behavior of mango kernel fat (MKF) at 25 °C with and without the application of high-intensity ultrasound (HIU) (20 kHz, 125 W) was studied as a function of ultrasound amplitude level (30%, 50% and 70% of the maximum amplitude of 180 μm). The irradiation time was fixed at 5 s. It was found that HIU induced MKF crystallization. The crystallization induction time decreased with a decrease in crystal size and an increase in the number of crystals as the HIU amplitude increased. The β′→β transformation was also accelerated with HIU application. This work has shown that there is a great potential for the use of HIU in the food industry to achieve a shorter and more controllable crystallization process. In particular, HIU could be used as an efficient tool for controlling the polymorphic transition of fats.
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