General Article Organization and Text SpecificationsCell full-length articles generally contain the following sections in this order: Title Authors Affiliations Contact Information Additional Title Page Footnotes Summary Introduction Results Discussion Author Contributions Acknowledgments References Figure and Table Legends STAR Methods Figures and Tables Graphical Abstract and Supplemental Information. The text (title through legends) should be provided as one document which may also contain the tables. Figures should be provided separately. Supplemental Information should be provided separately.The total character count of the main text should not exceed 55000 characters. This limit includes all text (and the spaces between words) in the title author list affiliations Summary Introduction Results Discussion Author Contributions Acknowledgments References and main figure legends but excludes STAR Methods text and supplemental item legends.An article may contain up to seven figures and/or tables. Gene symbols should be italicized; protein products of the loci are not italicized. Nonstandard abbreviations should be defined when first used in the text. Use of abbreviations should be kept at a minimum. Manuscript file types that we can accept for submission include Word RTF and TXT. Required items differ for each article type and are specified during the submission process.Please note that the text should be double spaced and pages should be numbered. Although summaries need to be entered as text files separate from the body of the manuscript during the online submission process they should also be included within the manuscript file as usual.Manuscripts that do not conform to the format guidelines may be returned to the authors for reformatting.