How To Import Zotero

Authorea Help

It’s simple to drag and drop bibliographic references from Zotero to Authorea. Just make sure you set your Zotero default Export Format to BibTeX.

Drag and Drop references from Zotero to Authorea - instantly!

In Authorea’s editor, go up and click the Cite ’plus’ button. Under DOI/BibTeX, there is a box to drag your citation from your list in Zotero (if you don’t yet have BibTeX as your default export option, see below for a quick guide) (and here’s a cool reference on designing new enzymes! (Giger 2013)).

Changing your Zotero Output to BibTeX.

Under the Zotero drop-down menu, selection Preferences. From here (see image above), navigate to Export and select BibTeX as your default format. Now go back and check out that super simple gif and get citing! :)

Or, use Authorea’s native citation finding and formatting features all inside your browser - it’s easy!