Alberto Pepe on Authorea's Business Model (AMA)

The Authorea Team

On September 15th, 2016 Authorea CEO and Cofounder, Alberto Pepe, encouraged the Reddit science community to ask him anything. Below are a few excerpts from the AMA on the topic of Authorea's business modelClick here for the full thread.
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How can you claim to be in support of open science/open scholarship when authorea is closed source and a commercial application?

Co-Founder | Authorea

hi Hipstie- I am glad you ask the question and I am sorry I did not get to answer this yesterday. I see you make two separate points, namely: how can you claim that Authorea supports Open Science if it is (1) not Open Source, and (2) a commercial application? I'll answer the two points separately.

(1) First off, Open Source and Open Science are not the same thing. I understand that they are related, but I would need a bit more convincing as to why the only way to support Open Science is via tools that are Open Source. I know a number tools, companies and initiatives that are not "Open" but that have nevertheless made a contribution to Openness. Is that a bad thing? One example which comes to m