Feature Extraction of a potential Melanoma



Compactness of 2d region composed of square pixels(Bribiesca 1997)

More compactness info(Jaworek-Korjakowska 2016)

Compactness by perimeter ratios(Hernández 2016)

Center of Mass

Measure Array of radiuses from center of mass(Cudek):

Calcualte $$SFA\alpha$$ ( Score for Axis ) for each potiential axis ( 0° - 179° )

A: Is a main axis found above threshold?

B: if yes, is the perpendicular axis also above threshold?

if A & B -> Asymmetry Score = 0

if A & !B -> Asymmetry Score = 1

if !A -> Asymmetry Score = 2

Comparisons of various methods

Asymmetry Analysis "In ABCD analysis, out of other three parameters, asymmetry analysis predicts better and also it assists the clinicians to diagnose the melanoma before its proliferating stage."(Premaladha 2014)

Border irregularity

Fourier feature(Amelard 2013)

Fractal Geometry

Area and perimeter

Irregularity index

Borderling Function(Jaworek-Korjakowska 2015)

Rotate the lesion image onto major axis

Calculate Borderline Function


Calculate Border Irregularities from change in sign of slope of borderline function


using Borderline Function



Differential Structure(Alcon 2009)


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