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  • Plant-virus interaction system
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  • Plant immunity mechanism
  • RNAseq, PPI and DDI
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Genes involved in resistance to plant viruses, have for many years been an important part in minimizing agricultural losses. Hundreds of genes from both mono and dicots have been reported to be involved in resistance.
Network analyses based on gene expression data, has been shown to be a powerful tool for identifying genes and groups of genes xx

large range of plant gene expression changes contribute during viral pathogenesis, in either cellular change caused by specific viral infection processes or general stress and defense-like responses. (Lu 2012) while plants try to tackle the effects of virus attack with constitutive defense (physical and chemical barriers), which in case if it overcome by the virus, will be followed by activated signaling pathways and specific reactions co-ordinated by various hormones (Pierce 2013)
Plant-virus interaction could involve different responses such as Hypersensitive and necrotic resistance to virus infection, Systemic necrosis, Systemic acquired resistance, R gene-mediated or defense-related genes expression and Ubiquitin proteasome system (Mandadi 2013) The diverse interactions and activities of the viral proteins suggest that plant viruses modulate a variety of plant processes by altering host gene expression.

Plant DNA and RNA viruses use different replication and expression strategies, therefore many aspects of their infection cycles may lead to similar or specific changes in host gene expression.
examples of common responses:
examples of specific responses: