Vox Populi: Realistic Philosophy for the Political Economy of Future Humanity

Chapter 00: The Problem


A growing number of people, worldwide, agree that the present configuration of human economic and social activities is inconsistent with an expectation that it can be continued in its present form. This developing conviction displays a crisis of belief and trust in the inherited socio-economic paradigm which is contributing to the destabilising of societies and economic systems across the planet. This process is perceived to be an imminent and credible threat to the medium-term survival of the dominant forms of civilisation and also, perhaps, for the long-term survival of the human species in any meaningful state of individual well-being.


The present forms of economic and social activities employed by societies across the planet are dominated and defined by forms of economic enterprise and political organisation which though they are very varied in the details of their implementation they have in common several key socio-economic principals. This set of principals might be considered to be one of, possibly, several ’archaeo-institutions ’.

These ’archaeo-institutions’ are the foundational principles which comprise those sets of human behaviour that have developed in response to the requirements of learning to live in community with one another in mutually beneficial ways. During the course of time and in the face of ever changing demands, difficulties and opportunities each society has also uniquely developed further structures, laws and ’supra-institutions’.

It is these ’supra-institutions’ which characterise, together with their particular contextual endowments and scarcities, a particular socio-economic system