Start doing something!

About two months ago I started reading tons of articles on
Finally the day came when I signed up by email. Now, I receive notifications when a new article comes up. Signing up was my very first step on doing something, not only reading.
Shortly after that, I received an email to sign up for the blog challenge. What the heck, I thought, let's start doing something, not just reading about how to start a blog.
So I signed up.
However, I was traveling that weekend and there is not a nice internet connection along German train lines, at least not for me. Therefore I used the writing prompts to write offline.

They never came online.

For me, putting my thoughts out there is a big thing. What I am thinking is personal and I feel vulnerable. You might wonder now, why the hell is she doing it anyways?

When I did my thesis, I felt similar when I showed the first draft to my supervisor for the first time. And after some time, it did not feel that strange anymore. Hopefully, pourring my thoughts out there will feel normal one day.
So, why do I write? There are numerous blogs out in the wide internet, and who is going to read them? Recently I discovered the disease of signing up to blogs. There are really interesting blogs and it seems that there will never be enough time to read them.

I do not write this text here because I believe I am the only one having these wonderful thoughts and you ought to know about them. Writing is a personal development tool, getting my thoughts out of my head, connecting with people thinking similar things. It is like a test for me, do I accept challenges, do I have the heart to do something new, is writing fun? Actually, it just feels good to get something done. In addition, I lose the feeling to forget something important after it is written down.

At first I thought my blog needs a specific topic. I wanted to do a food blog because I really like eating and learned a lot about cooking during the last year. However, I do not enjoy cooking that much, so who am I to write about food?

Then, you need a platform to present your articles. There are so many blog platforms in this world, it is incredible! Finally I chose wordpress.
But there are so many ways to alter themes, fonts, then you need nice pictures. And then, somehow, I lost the power to start.

And now, I write here, have no main topic, no possibilities to adjust the style. The only thing to do is concentrate on writing. When I am ready, I will start a different thing, with a topic. Until then I am collecting information on blogging tools.
- Notice something? Reading is holding me back AGAIN! Just can't help it, sorry.
However, there is no secret in starting. Just. Start. Now. Do not listen to the "Wait but..." in your mind. Most of those buts are only in your head and no real problems. If they really occur after you started, you can deal with them later.

Happy New Years! What are your resolutions for 2016?