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Three Ways to Tackle the Palestinian Social Crisis
  • Samar Yousef
Samar Yousef
New York University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The lingering humanitarian crisis in Palestine has resulted in severe humanitarian consequences, including a lack of access to services and displacement. People in dire need are facing an exploited healthcare system, scarce shelters, food insecurity, and increased poverty and unemployment. Since the UN Partition plan in 1948, it divided the region into one Israeli and one Palestinian sector, leading to an Arab-Israeli War, which has led to the persistent episodes of violence in Gaza and the West Bank. The Israel-Palestine conflict has seen increased violence in 2023 linked to the continued occupation, internal political divisions, and ongoing conflict that pose a threat to stability and development of the Palestinian people. The crisis is intensified by a lack of adherence to international humanitarian and human rights law. There are three strategies for different actors internationally that can aid in fighting this injustice.