Miguel Tomás SilvaMiguel Tomás Silva

Miguel Tomás Silva

Research Staff

Joined Oct 2015

Self driven, always available to learn new things and challenge myself to achieve goals mindset. Enjoy sharing knowledge and brainstorming team work environment. I’ve worked on several research projects, which gave the opportunity to work in a team work environment. Because most often research teams were constituted with researchers from abroad presented the opportunity to work on international level. The desire to learn new things led me to take the COHITEC course. COHiTEC is a national program organised by COTEC which has the main goal of teaching on how to perform market studies to new products and solutions and perform market analysis. Last but not least I’ve finished elementary school with an IT technician degree. Computers has and always will be my hobby since nine years old where I first developed a basic program in a commodore computer, nowadays I’m a skilled computer programmer in several computer languages which gives me the edge to develop easilly software whether it's on Windows OS or Apple OS!

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