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Felipe Pedrosa

Ph.D. Student

Rio Claro - SP - Brazil
Joined Oct 2015

Biosketch I did my undergrad in Ecology at UNESP – Rio Claro – Brazil (2010-2013). During the course, I got interested in the Anthropocene theme, as the defaunation process ongoing worldwide, and started to figure how human-generated changes in ecosystems might affect ecological interactions and ecosystem functioning and how can we reverse this situation. Therefore, I follow to a Ph.D. program at the same university in the year 2014, exploring the field of invasion ecology. Research The Ph.D. project focus in the ecology of invasion of feral pigs Sus scrofa. The main goal of the research is to evaluate the role of feral pigs as seed dispersal agents in defaunated landscapes. I am conducting diet analysis based in stomach contents and stable isotopes, evaluating the impact over understory plant community and comparing the contribution of feral pigs and different native frugivores in removing fruits in the field. Grants I receive a Ph.D. fellowship from FAPESP – Brazil. The research is funded by FAPESP (project number 2014/50434-0) entitled “Testing the ecosystem services of plant and animal invaders”. I also received a grant from IDEAWILD.

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