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The gliptin: one type of potential drug for the treatment of fibrotic diseases
  • zhongyao liang
zhongyao liang
Sichuan University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Fibrosis is a common terminal state of many chronic diseases and there are few effective treatments at present. The gliptin is a class of DPP4 inhibitors used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. At present, many studies show that it may have the effect of inhibiting fibrosis. In order to explore the role of the gliptin in different fibrotic diseases, we searched the related literature about the fibrotic diseases and the gliptin. In our review, we found that the gliptin can inhibit the fibrotic process through a variety of mechanisms. The evidence for the inhibition of atherosclerosis by the gliptin is strong. For pulmonary, renal and cardiac fibrosis, more clinical studies are needed to support it. However, there is no benefit in the treatment of liver fibrosis with the gliptin. To sum up, it is true that the gliptin has the broad-spectrum anti-fibrotic effects.