Potchefstroom, South Africa
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Anne has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics (North-West University) and a M.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry (Stellenbosch University). Her interests are translational in nature and concerns the design, construction, optimization and use of delivery systems and diagnostics, as well as the preclinical and clinical evaluation of such systems. Through her career as biochemist, molecular biologists, cellular biologist and professor in Pharmaceutics, she was responsible for the generation of value-added intellectual property, new product design and the management of efficacy studies and clinical trials. She was employed by the University of Stellenbosch, the South African Medical Research Council, MeyerZall LaboratoriesFrom 2000 to 2003 I was the Head of research at MeyerZall Laboratories in George, and the North-West University,South Africa, where she is the directors of a national platform - the DST/NWU Preclinical Drug Development Platform. The exploration of the Pheroid technology She is the author/co-author of 38 peer-reviewed publications and invited book chapters as well as 9 patents; 7 as the main inventor.She also authored several lay publications, science quizzes in newspapers and presented science-based radio programs. She is Principle Investigatro for a number of bilateral agreements and similar projects.


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