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Validation and Psychometric Properties of Deenz Gender Dysphoria Scale (DGDS-25): A Comprehensive Assessment Tool for Gender Dysphoria Tendencies     
  • Deen Mohd Dar
Deen Mohd Dar

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Deenz Gender Dysphoria Scale (DGDS) is designed to explore inclinations towards gender dysphoria in non-clinical populations. Developed with the aim of understanding individuals' experiences and feelings regarding their gender, the scale provides valuable insights into this complex phenomenon. The DGDS was not intended for clinical diagnosis according to DSM-5 criteria but rather to assess tendencies towards gender dysphoria and discomfort with one's assigned gender.
In a case study involving 45 college students, randomly selected from diverse streams and ethnic backgrounds, the DGDS demonstrated its effectiveness in identifying individuals experiencing gender dysphoria-related discomfort or distress. The study sample comprised 20 male and 25 female students, ensuring representation across genders.