Measurement of Faraday Rotation in SF57 glass at 670 nm


We performed an experiment to measure the Faraday rotation of polarized light passing through a magnetic field, as well as measuring the Verdet constant of an SF57 glass tube with a length of 0.1 m. Our results are consistent with the general idea of Faraday rotation, which suggests that linearly polarized light experiences rotation when applying a magnetic field. The values we found for the Verdet constant are \(20.7 \pm 0.845 \frac{radians}{T \cdot m}\), \(21.095\pm 4.12 \frac{radians}{T \cdot m}\) and \(20.43 \pm 0.058 \frac{radians}{T \cdot m}\), and those values are consistent with each other within uncertainty.