An Example Template for SJS to use in creating a paper

AbstractIn this space you want to write 2-4 sentences stating the question you are investigating and your conclusion.


In the introduction clearly state the question you are investigating and why you think it is interesting. If your question is an extension of someone elses work you will want to reference that work in this paragraph by clicking on the plus sign in the edit view and entering the DOI (Gould)} or by using this markdown: (P. Sadler 2001)

You will then include a citation of their work in the reference section.

If you want to cite a web-page that your work is based on you can do so like this.

Example: We decided to compare exposure times for different objects with the PROMPT telescopes to the reccomendations listed for the Faulkes Telescopes.


Here you explain your experiment.

Example: The purpose of this investigation was to compare the images resulting from different exposure times using the PROMPT Telescopes to the recommendations listed for the Faulkes Telescope:

Object Type Lower Limit Usual Exposure Range Better Images
Galaxy 30s 60s 120+s
Nebula 30s 60s 120+s
Star Cluster 2-5s 5-30s Ask for advice
Planetary Nebula 10-20s 30-40s Ask for advice
Asteroids Mag < 10: Avoid imaging.
Mag. 10-13: 20s