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Leverage Biology to Learn Rapidly from Mistakes without Feeling like a Failure
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  • Lauren Margulieux,
  • James Prather,
  • Masoumeh Rahimi,
  • Gozde Cetin Uzun
Lauren Margulieux

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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James Prather
Masoumeh Rahimi
Gozde Cetin Uzun


Our biology affects how we interact with the world, including how we learn new knowledge and respond to challenges. This article explores the impact of neurochemicals in our brain on learning and explains how to leverage our biology to improve education and problem-solving, focusing on computing education. Within this context, the article particularly examines the role of failure while learning. Learning, especially in technical fields, includes making errors on the path to success. While these errors trigger the necessary neurochemical conditions for rapid learning, these failures can also be demotivating. To gain the benefits of failure while mitigating its negative consequences, this article recommends evidence-based behavioral strategies for making the best out of failing while learning and designing for failure in learning environments.
14 Jul 2023Submitted to Computing in Science and Engineering
17 Jul 2023Published in Computing in Science and Engineering