The Great Gigascience and Galaxy (G3) Workshop


Friday September 19, 2014


Talks in securing space within the Unimelb/VLSCI Science Gallery. As plan B we have secured space for workshops and the talks for this date: For Talks in the am 207 Bouverie Street - Theatre 1

For Workshops in the pm VLSCI space 207 Bouverie Street - B118 207 Bouverie Street - B113

Target Participants

All science practitioners in open data open publishing (and those participating at ISBC2014)

First Brainstorming Meeting on 15 May 2014

Purpose of this Caper

Brainstorming with David Flanders, Clare Slogget, Scott ? and Maria Doyle, there really needed to be an overarching theme to the workshop.

We are working with the theme, Turning Data, Big Data, into Research Impact or Making the best impact with Research Data.

Talks should be framed around this.

David Flanders will look into AltMetrics Group.

Potential Workshop Ideas

We proposed that Rob Davidson (from GigaScience) should connect with Scott (Unimelb ITS Research) to talk Galaxy. Still an ongoing work in progress and require further discussion. So going along the theme of the day, how to make the most impact with your research data.........

  • Two concurrent workshops 20 participants each

  • Galaxy 101 to publication

  • Galaxy 201/RStudio to publication

  • OMERO? maybe as part of a talk?


Thanks to David Lovell and David Flanders, a web presence will be put together. Blog style and to feature logo sponsors. Web links to