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Antigone or The Right to Kill A social dissonance case study deriving from the house of Œdipus
  • Dana Papachristou
Dana Papachristou
Panepistemio Thessalias

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This paper delves into the intricate relation between the terms social dissonance, necropolitics, and Sophocles’ tragedy, Antigone. By attempting an interdisciplinary analysis and by bringing together elements of contemporary art, political theory, and classical literature, I will explore the complex dynamics between social dissonance, necropolitics, and the quest for human dignity. While examining Antigone’s defiance in the face of oppressive power, we are reminded of the enduring importance of dissent and the indomitable spirit of individuals striving for justice and autonomy in the face of oppressive systems. Drawing parallels between the socio-political context in which Sophocles wrote Antigone and contemporary manifestations of necropolitics, this paper illuminates the enduring relevance of the play. Moreover, it emphasizes the contemporary significance of social dissonance, as proposed by Mattin (2022), in understanding power struggles and forms of resistance. The collision of these concepts and ideas occurs in their shared focus on power dynamics and the resistance against oppressive systems: they explore the ways in which power operates, so as to control and manipulate individuals and communities, creating conditions of discord and subjugation. They emphasize the potential for resistance, challenging dominant narratives and asserting the agency and dignity of marginalized voices. When examining the intersection of necropolitics and social dissonance, one can analyse how the exercise of necropolitical power leads to social dissonance by silencing dissent, suppressing alternative narratives, and perpetuating oppressive structures. The clash between the dominant necropolitical regime and the underlying social dissonance exposes the tension and contradictions within society, laying the foundation for resistance movements and the pursuit of justice and autonomy.
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