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Improved cooperative Ant Colony Optimization for the solution of binary combinatorial optimization applications
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  • Roberto Prado-Rodríguez,
  • Patricia González,
  • Julio R. Banga,
  • Ramón Doallo
Roberto Prado-Rodríguez
Universidade da Coruna

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Patricia González
Universidade da Coruna
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Julio R. Banga
Fundacion General CSIC
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Ramón Doallo
Universidade da Coruna
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Binary combinatorial optimization plays a crucial role in various scientific and engineering fields. While deterministic approaches have traditionally been used to solve these problems, stochastic methods, particularly metaheuristics, have gained popularity in recent years for efficiently handling large problem instances. Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is among the most successful metaheuristics and is frequently employed in non-binary combinatorial problems due to its adaptability. Although for binary combinatorial problems ACO can suffer from issues such as rapid convergence to local minima, its eminently parallel structure means that it can be exploited to solve large and complex problems also in this field. In order to provide a versatile ACO implementation that achieves competitive results across a wide array of binary combinatorial optimization problems, we introduce a parallel multicolony strategy with an improved cooperation scheme to maintain search diversity. We evaluate our proposal (Binary Parallel Cooperative ACO, BiPCACO) using a comprehensive benchmark framework, showcasing its performance and, most importantly, its flexibility as a successful all-purpose solver for binary combinatorial problems.
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