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On skunk rabies and its prevention in North America
  • Andres Velasco-Villa
Andres Velasco-Villa
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The case report by Navarro-Lopez et al., (2023) in this issue describes a thorough differential diagnosis in an equine with acute neurological disease. Rabies was confirmed by direct fluorescent antibody test (DFA). Rabies virus (RABV) was isolated from brain tissue of the ill mare by intracerebral inoculation in sucking mice. Sequencing and phylogenetic inference allowed the identification of the rabies virus variant (RVV) associated with this case. Thus, Navarro-Lopez et al., reported that the rabid mare got infected with a rabies virus variant associated with skunks. This clinical commentary elaborates on the seemingly rare skunk rabies across North America (NA) highlighting its relevance in human and animal health that have remained somehow neglected
25 May 2023Submitted to Equine Veterinary Education
26 May 2023Assigned to Editor
26 May 2023Submission Checks Completed
26 May 2023Editorial Decision: Accept