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Science AMA Series: I’m Craig DeForest, a solar astrophysicist. I’m here to talk about next week’s eclipse: how to view it safely, what to look for, why you should plan to be in the path of totality, and logistics of getting there.
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The total solar eclipse on 21-August will be the most attended in American history. I’m prepared to answer questions and discuss eclipse viewing, eclipse safety, the wonder of the event, and last-minute logistics of getting to the path of totality. There’s a surprising amount of new science we can get done during eclipses, and eclipse observations are still needed in an era of spaceborne observatories. But the wonder of the event is worth the trip all by itself. I’m in meetings most of the morning but will begin answering questions in earnest at 1pm EDT. Edit: Thanks, everyone, for the discussion. I enjoyed answering your questions. I’ll check in once more this evening. Happy eclipse viewing!