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American Chemical Society AMA: Hi Reddit, I’m Rigoberto Advincula and I want to talk about the nanotechnology in our everyday things: food packaging, pollutant sensors, paints, drugs, and more. AMA!
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Rigoberto Advincula

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Hi Reddit! I am a Professor at Case Western Reserve University with the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, a Polymer Professor for short! I also have joint appointments with Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering. For the last 18 years my focus has been in the discovery and engineering of materials, specifically nanomaterials, and find useful applications related to things like paints, composites, sensors, and packaging. This means that we need to first understand the synthesis and properties of these billionth of a meter particles or thin films. We have published numerous articles in scientific journals reporting their interesting properties and reporting methods of preparation. However, my group and I find interesting ways to apply them for practical and industrial purposes. For example, we have worked on high barrier coatings that enable better packaging materials to make food last longer, sensors that can be used to detect pollutants, dangerous substances, and drugs, and we have made materials that are useful for light emitting devices and solar cells. Most importantly, the group has turned out numerous students who have become independent researchers, professors, innovators, and in general good careers in looking a technology from the perspective of chemistry. For more information about me and my research, you can visit www.rcapoly.net. I serve as a journal editor in a number of high impact factor journal like Reactive and Functional Polymers, Polymer Reviews, and also as board members in Macromolecules, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, and Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics. I am the Chair of the Polymer Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society and have been interested in advancing the science, the profession, and the community. I give regular webinars on Nanotechnology as sponsored by Park AFM Instruments. Recently, we established a consortium for bringing new materials technologies to the oil and gas industry. There is much promise for new developments and Nanotechnology has been at the forefront of many advances now in materials, although not as many “would like to admit it” as it seems to be still clouded mysteriously as a process. There is also a lot of misconception about it. Other than my other professional activities, I am interested in working with 3-D printing, entrepreneurship, mentoring young students, and helping the Philippines. I will be available at 1:00pm ET. Ask me anything about nanotechnology on everyday things and I will be happy to answer the state-of-the-art and the prospect for future applications. ET 1:00 PM, I am available online to answer any questions. RIgoberto Advincula I will answer the questions online on the order it was recieved. Rigoberto Advincula ET 2:30 PM, I will take a break for now and will try to answer more questions later. Rigoberto Advincula ET 9:30 PM I answered more questions. Rigoberto Advincula ET: 10:20 PM Sign off for now. Rigoberto Advincula