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PLOS Science Wednesday: Hi reddit we’re Graham and Richard, and we identified the molecular mechanism that creates genetic variations associated with increased risk of autoimmune diseases, such as celiac, ulcerative colitis etc. – Ask Us Anything!
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Hi Reddit, My name is Graham Lord and I am the Professor of Medicine at King’s College London. My research focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that cause inflammatory bowel diseases. And my name is Richard Jenner and I am a Reader (Associate Professor) in Molecular Biology at University College London (UCL). My research focuses on understanding how gene transcription and chromatin modification regulate immune cell function in health and disease. We recently published a paper titled “Genetic variants alter T-bet binding and gene expression in mucosal inflammatory disease” in PLOS Genetics. We found that the transcription factor, T-bet bound to genetic variants associated with human mucosal inflammatory diseases, such as celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. We also developed a new technique called “OligoFlow” that allowed us to identify altered transcription factor binding to these variants. We will be answering your questions at 1pm ET – Ask Us Anything! Click here for more information about Dr. Jenner’s lab.