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I was born 20th January 1984 in the town Kaluga, USSR, RSFSR (now Russian Federation). In June 2001 I finished the secondary school №8 in the town Kaluga with a silver medal. In July 2001 I entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). In June 2007 I finished MIPT with an average mark 4.73. I defended a diploma project 'Energy spectrum of quasirelativistic current carriers in low-dimensional narrow-gap semiconductor heterostructures' on the chair of problems of physics and astrophysics at I.E. Tamm Theory Department in the Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI). The head of the chair was Nobel Prize laureate on physics academician V.L. Ginzburg. During student years I written 3 papers in a co-authorship with my supervisor A.P. Silin. In October 2007 I entered a PhD program in LPI. My PhD dissertation 'Electron properties of planar heterostructures based on graphene' sheds some light on a possible practice usage of heterostructures based on graphene from theoretical point of view. I have proposed a new type of planar heterostructures which can be fabricated from usual graphene and its gap modifications. During postgraduate student years I written 5 papers in a co-authorship with my supervisor and 2 papers by myself. From 2010 I'm researcher at I.E. Tamm Theory Department.

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