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    Part I Input and Output

    TFS File Format


    TFS(citation not found: TFS) is a an acronym for the “Table File System”. TFS files have been used in the LEP control system. The \madprogram knows only coded TFS files. The TFS format has been chosen for all table output of \madx. TFS formatted tables can be read back into \madx, and may then be further processed.

    Descriptor Lines

    \label{sec:tfs_desc} \madxwrites

    the following descriptors in all tables:

    • COMMENT: The current title string from the most recent TITLE command.

    • ORIGIN: The version of \madxused.

    • DATE: The date of the \madxrun.

    • TIME: The wall clock time of the \madxrun.

    • TYPE: The type of the table: e.g. TWISS

    Additional descriptors exist in the Twiss table, as well as the Track tables.

    Column Formats


    The column formats used are listed below:

    Column Formats used in TFS Tables
    C format Meaning C format
    %hd Short integer (%8d)
    %le Long float (%-18.10g)
    %ks String of length k (”\(\backslash\)”-18s\(\backslash\)””)