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Towards The Ultimate Brain: Exploring Scientific Discovery with ChatGPT AI    
  • Gerardo Adesso
Gerardo Adesso
School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham

Corresponding Author:gerardo.adesso@nottingham.ac.uk

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This paper presents a novel approach to scientific discovery using an artificial intelligence (AI) environment known as ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. This is the first paper entirely generated with outputs from ChatGPT. We demonstrate how ChatGPT can be instructed through a gamification environment to define and benchmark hypothetical physical theories. Through this environment, ChatGPT successfully simulates the creation of a new improved model, called GPT4, which combines the concepts of GPT in AI (generative pretrained transformer) and GPT in physics (generalized probabilistic theory). We show that GPT4 can use its built-in mathematical and statistical capabilities to simulate and analyze physical laws and phenomena. As a demonstration of its language capabilities, GPT4 also generates a limerick about itself. Overall, our results demonstrate the promising potential for human-AI collaboration in scientific discovery, as well as the importance of designing systems that effectively integrate AI's capabilities with human intelligence.