sfw Projektbericht


In February and March 2016, CorrelAid and streetfootballworld (sfw) co-organized a workshop series on using data to unleash the power of football for social good. In three workshops which focused on streetfootballworld's network member communications, campaigns and performance metrics nine experts from CorrelAid's network provided consultancy on a pro bono basis to streetfootballworld. The three workshops focused on the following themes:

  • Workshop 1: Data collection, analysis and provision between streetfootballworld and its network members (“Datenerhebung, -auswertung und –bereitstellung zwischen street-footballworld und Organisationen im streetfootballworld-Netzwerk”)
  • Workshop 2: streetfootballworld’s campaigns (“Öffentliche Kampagnenarbeit von streetfootballworld”)
  • Workshop 3: Internal data collection, analysis and provision between streetfootballworld team members and offices (“Interne Datenerhebung, -auswertung und –bereitstellung zwischen street-footballworld Teammitgliedern und Offices”)