Wireless Transport Network Emulator for SDN Applications Development

Software Defined Networking is a paradigm that emerged in the networking industry recently. This technology is not mature yet, but is gaining momentum, driven by the fact that traditional networks began to show their limitations. Many standardization activities are still ongoing, given the fact that there are many aspects of a network that SDN touches upon, and having the right tools to support these efforts is important. The Wireless Transport Emulator (WTE) was designed for supporting the standardization endeavors of the Wireless Transport Group, part of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a consortium that aims to promote SDN adoption through defining open standards. WTE uses different technologies in order to simulate a wireless transport network, consisting of emulated Network Elements, that implement a Microwave Information Model, TR-532. It consists of a NETCONF server implementation that advertises the TR-532 information model, and the link representations based on Open vSwitch (OVS) bridges and a Python framework that glues everyth